Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance in San Antonio by Qualified Technicians

Through scorching summers, residents and business owners in San Antonio have trusted Alexander Services to provide high quality air conditioning maintenance and repair services.  Our trained technicians repair and service air conditioners in San Antonio, Sequin, Live Oak and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few maintenance tips to help your air conditioning unit run smoothly:

  • Regular check-ups: Make sure your air conditioner gets a routine maintenance check-up. Hire a competent technician with skill and experience to inspect your unit thoroughly.
  • Test it occasionally: If you haven’t used your air conditioner in a while, turn it on a couple of times for a few minutes before you need to run it for a longer period. Don’t wait until the first hot day to discover it isn’t working.
  • Change the filters: A clogged filter restricts air flow and drastically reduces efficiency.
  • Get it professionally cleaned: A thoroughly cleaned air conditioner works at maximum efficiency. However, incorrect cleaning methods could result in shorting of electrical components so always hire a professional to handle the task.

Contact Alexander Services today for efficient air conditioning maintenance and repairs in San Antonio. 

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in San Antonio

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

A well-maintained machine is a more efficient machine. Engage high quality air conditioning maintenance services at reasonable rates. Look forward to efficient workmanship by a team of trained professionals.

Not only are we familiar with air conditioning systems of all makes and models, but we own some of the most advanced equipment in the market to make any repair job simple and seamless.

Professional air conditioning maintenance and repairs can increase efficiency and reduce your energy bills in San Antonio. Call us at 210-344-8363 today or fill out our online air conditioning service request form.

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