Air Conditioning Installation

 Air Conditioning Installation

At Alexander Services, we give you the perfect beginning for your cooling needs with a perfect air conditioning installation. By offering you a highly professional air conditioning system installation, we set you up with a very satisfied installation. The quality of your air conditioning system installation affects its efficiency, so it’s imperative you get the best AC Service in San Antonio for your AC installation.

According to Manufacturer’s Specifications

One of the most critical – and often overlooked – elements of an air conditioning system installation is installing it to the Manufacturer’s Specifications. We make sure that the AC installation is carried out with the utmost care in abiding by manufacturer’s installation details.

Certified Professionals

Every person at Alexander Services that works on your air conditioning system installation is certified and/or authorized by major air conditioner manufacturers. Installation by uncertified workers often hinders the warranty process. With our installation you can rest assured that the most capable and eligible professionals are setting up your air conditioning.

Out of the Box to Final Inspection

We offer a complete air conditioning system installation. From unpacking your AC unit to the careful installation, we don’t leave after the unit is physically installed. Our installation is complete only after we conduct a final inspection to ensure your air conditioning is working perfectly.

Fast, Dependable and Cost Effective HVAC Installation Services

Whether your need an air conditioning system installation for your home or your office, Alexander Services offers the best San Antonio HVAC installation. We love to see our residential and commercial clients satisfied with our fast and high-quality service. In addition to our competitively priced installation, youcan also qualify for a tax credit of up to $1500!

Call us at 210-344-8363 today or fill out our online hvac service form to schedule an appointment for air conditioning installation. 


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