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Efficient, Affordable HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

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If you have a high-efficiency HVAC system, you can count on it to work well delivering the comfort and savings it is designed for. However, like every other piece of electrical equipment, something can go wrong. With regular heating and air conditioning maintenance services and timely repairs by professional technicians, you can avoid huge expenses and the inconvenience of a heating or cooling system not functioning properly.

Alexander Services guarantees a combination of quality, comfort and quick service in San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Alamo Heights, and the surrounding areas.

What does a typical HVAC maintenance service include?

  • – Thorough examination and cleaning of air filters, ducts, blower and even the indoor coil
  • – Calculate and ensure that airflow is accurate
  • – Precisely measure the amount of refrigerant
  • – Use a leak detector to check for refrigerant leaks
  • – Seal any duct leakages
  • – Apply a non-conductive coating to threadbare connections
  • – Inspect belts for wear and tear
  • – Check that the thermostat is operating smoothly

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HVAC Maintenance in San Antonio – YOU Can Make a Difference

On a daily basis, you do many little things to stay healthy. Your HVAC unit needs the same kind of care in order to function well. Although some HVAC repairs are unavoidable, you can take a few small steps to keep your system in good health overall:

  • **Clean filters every month: Clogged filters restrict the natural airflow which can weigh down on the system and spike your energy bill.
  • **Clean condensate drains: Like the drain in your shower, your HVAC unit’s drain channels can get clogged. Run a wire down the drain to clear the area.
  • **Inspect seals: Ensure that seals are intact so air is not escaping from your home.
  • **Remove debris and dirt: Clean dirty coils and fins for efficient air flow and remove plants and debris from around the outside unit.

These important steps will not only extend the life of your system but also increase efficiency. To get a more comprehensive maintenance service conducted on your HVAC unit, you can count on Alexander Services in San Antonio.

Call us at 210-344-8363 today or fill out our online hvac service form to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repairs or maintenance. 

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