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Now Is the Time Of Year To Determine If You Need AC Repair

AC Repair

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When the hot summer months roll around, one never wants to be caught off guard without a properly running air conditioner, especially in San Antonio where summer temperatures hover in the 90s and sometimes even reach 100 degrees or higher. Even fall and spring temperatures can run pretty high in San Antonio. The best way to ensure that your home stays cool when it is hot outside is to determine if you need AC repair before it stops working altogether. 

Signs That You Need AC Repair 

The first thing you should do is determine if your air conditioner is becoming faulty by looking for a few obvious signs. The biggest one is a loud noise coming from the AC. It may sound like a grinding, rattling, or squeaking noise. If your system is not running quietly, you can almost always assume you will need air condition repair and the sooner the better. Letting it continue without attention can damage it up even further. 

If you notice the system is not putting out as much cool air as it used to, this is another major sign that you need AC repair. Try changing your air filter first, but if this does not make the air output cooler, consider calling a professional air condition repair company. The same rules apply if the system stops blowing as strongly as it did when you first purchased it. While all systems will become less efficient over time, a drastic change is a sign of a problem. 

Other signs that you may need AC repair include problems or discrepancies with your thermostat, any type of ice build-up on or around the system, water leakage, strange or foul odors coming from the unit (this could be a sign of anything from mold to a dead animal caught in your system) and Freon leakage. If you do suspect your unit is leaking Freon, call your air condition repair company right away, as the odorless, colorless gas is toxic and can cause you and your family to suffer from health problems if it gets into your lungs. 

Services That Can Help 

Once you decide your unit is in need of AC repair, a trusted company like Alexander Services AC & Heat can help determine the problem and fix it. We can repair problems that occur with all major brands and offer free estimates on our services. Once we fix the problem based on your individual needs, we can provide you with routine system maintenance to ensure the unit continues to work properly throughout the year.

For more information on AC Repair or on a good Heating and Air Conditioning company call us at (210) 344-8363 or visit our website at http://saacrepair.com/

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