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Having been in the business for years, we have encountered some of the simplest and some of the most complicated troubles with heat pumps. They are often more efficient than a regular heating or cooling system and ensures that your home or business enjoys the optimal or perfect temperature. Through the years we have also listed some of the most common problems encountered with heat pumps.

Commonly, homeowners will call us because the coils of their heat pumps turns solid ice. This frosting is often caused by the humidity outside or an improperly working defrosting unit.

There are also times when people panic as they see a good amount of steam is seen rising from the heat pump. While this may be perfectly normal during the system’s defrosting cycle, suspecting homeowners can call heat pump service professionals in San Antonio to check their unit out. Other common problems include odd noises or non-working heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair San Antonio

Whether your heat pump has issues with airflow, the level of its refrigerant, duct leakages, common problems has their counterpart solutions. Homeowners who are mechanically inclined or have enough experience try to isolate the problem and try to do the repairs themselves. However if you are not the handyman-type, then it will be best to call heat pump repair San Antonio services.

It will not be wise to attempt diagnosing, more so repairing, heat pump problems if you do not have proper training. Heat pumps may contain hazardous materials and mechanical parts that require careful and professional handling. A chemical leak is the last thing you want to address if you have a broken device.

While it can save you a few dollars to try fix it yourself, doing so might spell bigger bills to settle if your inexperience will do more harm than good. The professionals will help you make informed decisions and fix your heat pump in no time.

Alexander HVAC Services selects, installs and maintains top name brand heat pumps for residential and commercial buildings within the San Antonio area. Call one of our heating and cooling experts at 210-344-8363, or use our handy HVAC service request form for prompt and reliable service.

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