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While It’s Cool Is The Best Time To Call Your Air Conditioning System Pro

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When customers are firing up the fireplace and baking up a storm in the kitchen, it is difficult to imagine calling for air conditioning repair. However, the cold season is the best time to call HVAC professionals in San Antonio, Texas. At Alexander Services, they offer a thorough inspection and cleaning to get customers’ units ready for the hot summer ahead. 

When is the Best Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioner Repair

Timing It Right  During the fall and winter, HVAC service calls are minimal for air conditioner repair. When a customer calls for service at this time, appointment times are wide open. It doesn’t take several days to visit the home. Customers can have same-day service, in some cases. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are easily scheduled to work around customer’s busy days. There is no need to wait around for a 1 P.M. appointment on a Tuesday, for example. 

Because most parts are in stock, any air conditioning repairs are quickly evaluated and fixed. During the busy season, out-of-stock parts must be ordered, adding extra charges to customers’ bills because of urgent shipping charges. 

The Basics Are Crucial 

The air conditioning may not have been turned on for several months, but basic maintenance tasks are critical for reliable use come spring and summer. Air conditioner repair typically involves air filter replacement. Incoming air must be filtered of all particulates to keep the system running efficiently. A dirty filter, however, creates a barrier to air. The system works hard, subsequently using more energy and draining its lifespan. 

Both the indoor and outdoor units need inspection. These components use coils to convert warm air into cool breezes. Every air conditioner repair call should involve coil cleaning. With reduced debris buildup, the system operates more efficiently on those hot days. 

Detailing The System 

A customer’s service call doesn’t stop with just the basics. Alexander Services examines all details for the best running system in the neighborhood. On the outdoor unit, there are cooling fins that dissipate hot air from the system. If they are bent or warped, the system cannot vent the air as effectively. Fin straightening is an important repair detail before the hot summer arrives. 

The refrigerant that flows between the indoor and outdoor units is inspected, along with its hosing, to pinpoint any leaks. This liquid can easily damage the home if leaks go unnoticed. Even the duct system is examined for air leaks. Customers need all the cool air to remain in the home, not diverting it off into attics or walls. 

When it comes to air conditioner repair, preventive maintenance and off-season evaluations are critical to long-term life. Look forward to the warmer seasons ahead and contact a reputable professional for an evaluation. 

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