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Get Your AC Repair in San Antonio Before the Hot Summer Strikes

AC Repair in San Antonio

AC Repair in San AntonioIt is a great feeling when spring rolls around and you can finally stop running your heat. But, we all know that the temperatures never stay the same for long. After a few weeks, you begin sweating and realize that it is time to run the air conditioner. So, for the first time, you go and turn it on and what happens? It does not work. Of course, this is totally unacceptable because by tomorrow it might be 90 degrees! You immediately pick up the phone and call your air conditioning repair company in San Antonio. Next, you get the worst news of all. They tell you that the unit needs some major repairs, which could cost you hundreds of dollars, or they tell you that the air conditioner is completely shot, and you need to buy a new one for over one thousand dollars. It should sound a little comforting at this point to know that there are things you can do to avoid this situation from happening and have your air conditioner ready for the hot summer months. 

If your air conditioner is fairly old, or if you are not very good at working on air conditioners, it is a wise idea to have an air conditioner repair company in San Antonio come out and give your air conditioner a full maintenance check. Most AC repair companies in San Antonio offer special deals right before the heat of summer, which allows homeowners the opportunity to have their air conditioner serviced at a lower rate. In most cases, this maintenance service check includes changing the filter out and cleaning out the dirty coils to keep the unit in good running condition.

Call Your AC Repair Company For Preventative Maintenance

There are a few things you can do yourself that will keep your air conditioner in better shape before your AC repair company comes out. If you live in an area that has a lot of pollen, or if any type of growth has found its way inside the air conditioner unit, you can use a hose to clean off the fins inside the unit. Always turn the unit off before you do this, and let it dry before turning it back on.

It is always best to have an AC repair company take preventative action with your air conditioning unit. In most cases, it will take less than an hour to completely clean the unit and filters. On the other hand, if you do not maintain the air conditioner, repair costs are very expensive, and a new unit will cost you even more money. Stay on the safe side, and have your air conditioner checked today to prepare for those hot summer months.

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